Sustainable Advantage

Sustainable Advantage advises organisations on how to embrace sustainability for strategic advantage. Our clients have a variety of aims that include cost reduction, competitive differentiation, enhanced bidding success and having knowledgeable staff who want to make a difference.


Significant Cost Reduction


Competitive Differentiation


Enhanced Bidding Success Through Evidenced Sustainability Credentials


Changing The Way Employees Think


Effortless Environmental Compliance

We help organisations embrace sustainability for strategic advantage

Breaking news: Sustainable Advantage welcomes Hilton Hotels as a client

What does a typical client look like?

No two clients are alike and we ensure that each is treated as unique and a solution tailored to their specific situation. There are some common themes that we experience with most of our clients, they:
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What do we do?

We are different to many of the sustainability consultants in the UK. We believe that many advisers consult and then walk away, not seeing their suggestions being delivered or the success of their results.
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Sustainable Energy Purchasing

Did you know that we procure gas, electricity and liquid fuels for many large UK organisations?

Find out why companies like Pret A Manger choose us as their energy broker.

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What issues do they face?

It’s important to understand each client’s unique issues and their aspirations. These issues and goals vary depending on their size, their client base, number of staff, sophistication of systems, reporting, how long they have focused on sustainability etc.
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Who have we worked with?

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Sustainable Waste Services

Did you know that we procure and manage over £15m of waste each year? Our clients choose Sustainable Waste Services because:
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What can a client expect?

We always tailor each assignment to the client’s varied, individual needs. We employ the best and, as such, expect the very highest standards of service delivery and innovation.  Our tested model means each assignment is led by an experienced Account Director who is supported by a delivery team supplemented by external experts.
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What makes us different?

In most organisations, whether they are large or small, the experience a client receives and, in turn, their view of the organisation, is shaped by the front line staff that deliver the service they receive. We recognise this and seek to employ the best talent we possibly can and continuously recruit new consultants.
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Sustainable Performance

Sustainable Performance is Sustainable Advantage’s sustainability management tool. It addresses issues associated with lack of information by transforming scattered, inconsistent and incomplete data into complete useful information. This allows an organisation to manage its sustainability performance, communicating this internally to clients, as well as to engage with its own supply chain to ensure aligned objectives.
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Helping our clients understand just how they use energy