An intelligent approach to energy, waste and sustainability

Our ESG team advises companies on their entire ESG journey from strategy formulation through to execution, working with teams on the ground. We have developed an ESG scoring framework that assesses a company on 50-65 ESG areas (client tailored) with current and target scores set, along with a detailed action plan to reach the target scores. Our multi-disciplinary teams are on hand to deliver any of the recommendations from the above analysis. This includes employee surveys, supplier vetting, customer engagement, bid / sales support, ESG impact reports, policy creation and delivering a Net Zero programme.

As well as our trading desk procures energy contracts and renewals effectively. We do this by taking advantage of market changes, monitoring consumption to identify areas where energy use can be reduced. We provide alarm alerts and insightful energy dashboards in our self-service portal. We manage and accelerate the delivery of utility infrastructure connections and metering which speeds up the opening of new premises and often at a lower cost.

Our waste division find eco-friendly disposal methods for everything from food to clinical waste, with an ultimate goal of both reducing costs and increasing recycling levels. We offer a full account management service, provide a UK helpdesk, compliance portal and reporting.

Many of our clients’ businesses operate from multiple sites in sectors such as education, healthcare, hospitality, construction and manufacturing and have a total of more than 8,000 sites we support.

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