An intelligent approach to energy & waste management.

We are one of the UK’s leading energy and waste management companies. We support a range of organisations including individual schools, multi-academy trusts, office blocks, retailers, restaurant chains and manufacturing sites through to clients with over 500 locations.

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Organisations need reliable, timely data about their waste performance so they can:

  • Understand what volume of waste they are generating overall and for each waste stream
  • Satisfy themselves they are segregating waste effectively into as many individual streams as is economically feasible
  • Gather evidence that they are diverting as much waste as possible (ideally 100%) from landfill
  • Compare different operational sites to one another and to create performance benchmarks

Sustainable Advantage takes care of all these facets of reporting and delivers monthly reports on a site-by-site and consolidated basis. We work with our clients at the outset to set waste objectives and implement programmes to achieve these goals. Monthly reporting is key to tracking performance and securing continual improvement.

Our Account Managers meet with clients on a regular basis to discuss the reports and actions that could be taken to improve performance and reduce cost.